Iris Jastram


Iris Jastram is the Reference and Instruction Librarian for Languages and Literature at Carleton College in Minnesota. She landed here after two previous lives as a dancer/choreographer and One of Those Literary Types.


She writes about instruction and any other library- or librarian-related topics that come to mind at Pegasus Librarian, and she's even tried her hand at some more formal publishing projects on occasion. She and Jin Zhang teamed up to write A study of the metadata creation behavior of different user groups on the Internet (PDF) and A study of metadata element co-occurrence, and she worked with Ann Zawistoski to write "Personalizing the Library via Research Consultations" (which appears in the book The Desk And Beyond).



Iris is one of those people who feels like a limb has been amputated if there is no internet connection handy (unless she's outside, of coure, in which case no internet is necessary). An ideal Saturday morning includes coffee, her very tall cat, a book, TV, and her laptop, all nestled within easy reach.


(Photo Credit: Cindi Trainor)